Monday, September 27, 2010


So i finally watched the movie Predators today. It was pretty badass, but wasn't as good as the old ones. However, I am no here to critique Predators, but to complain about certain facepalming things i found in the movie.
See that girl right there? Apparently some person who is in her country's Special Forces, she has no idea how to use a goddamn sniper. She actually puts her eye on the fucken scope, waiting to get a black eye from the recoil. Now you might say that she is so good at absorbing it with her buttstock that she can actually do that. Well, she doesn't use the butt stock half the time when aiming with the scope.

Of course, theres also the mysterious ammo factor of movies where you have infinite ammo despite clear evidence that you over-went your shots (looking at you Brody) and the infinite ammo runs out when you finally need to use it.

Here you go Predators.